Help Desk: Functions, Benefits, Features and Software

Content Understand the big picture of the IT industry Suggested Help Desk Software Solutions TOP FEATURES Become a Help Desk Engineer You can create custom workflows to adapt these automations into your business workflow so that tickets are routed to the right agent for the fastest response. Alongside the usual help desk features like shared […]

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Invoice Processing by Accounts Payable

Content How to digitize incoming invoices How to Enter an Invoice Into the Accounts Payable System in 5 Steps Processing Invoices: How Much Can One Person Accomplish? Payment of Invoice The benefits of an automatic processing workflow may include reduced human error, on-demand reports, and data resilience. Most automation software today integrates into common organizational […]

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Форекс обучение

Чем отличается buy stop и buy limit, sell stop и sell limit? Финансовая жизнь

Содержание Принцип рыночного ордера на Форекс Ордер — Sell Stop Зачем нужны отложенные ордера? Типы Отложенных Ордеров И Их Характерные Черты Как правильно установить Buy Stop? Лимитные Отложенные Ордера Buy Sell Limit Forex Profit Boost: что за индикатор, как им пользоваться на Форекс? В контекстном меню будут предложены те отложенные ордеры, которые вы можете таким […]

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Forex education

What Is a Pip in Trading?

Content What are ‘pips’ in forex trading? What is a spread in forex? How much is 50 pips worth? What is the difference between a pip and a pipette? Understanding Pips Take the current exchange rate of the EUR/USD pair and divide $1 by this value. If the EUR/USD rate is 1.15, $1 in euros […]

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